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Our workforce is almost
100% moms.

Their schedules are complicated.

Their sleep is inconsistent.

And their work is outstanding.

Welcome to Handy Bindery, where our dynamic team is not just a group of colleagues – we're a tight-knit family. Fueled by a culture of continual innovation, we delight in guiding clients through challenges. Whether it involves infusing creativity into distinctive projects or excelling under pressure, we take great pride in collaboratively ensuring our clients consistently achieve success when it matters most.

Meet the Staff!

Our Leading Ladies

Suzanne Canu

Master Problem Solver

Suzanne is a free spirit with an incredible work ethic and imagination for solving problems. In other words, she loves tricky challenges, which keeps our work interesting. When a client calls her for help, the answer is pretty much never no.

Jesse Habarth

General Manager

Jesse Habarth joined Handy Bindery in early 2020 as our General Manager. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and thoroughly enjoys tackling jobs and organizing our staff to get your job done right!  In her spare time, she enjoys playing soccer, hiking, and being active with her family, which includes her husband and three children.     

Nichole Nicholas

Office Affairs

Nichole Nicholas joined the Handy Bindery team in October of 2013.  She is our Office Affairs personal.  Some of her responsibilities are to assist with training new employees, setting up jobs and assuring that jobs meet deadlines, shipping and receiving, quality control and other miscellaneous offices duties.  In her spare time she enjoys traveling, hiking, biking and spending time with her family, which includes her husband and three children.  She’s also excited about her latest hobby of creating arts and crafts.  She recently started a family business called Nicholas Family Novelties.

Behind the Scenes

Jim Habarth

Jack of All Trades

Jim joined Handy Bindery in 2019 as our Night Shift Manager, Machine Technician.  He always keeps everything up and running properly, so we can continue to do what we do best:  Get Your Job Done Right! He also runs our newly developed 3D design and 3d printing services. His background and knowledge in image and form design, photoshop, and now 3D design is a great addition to the services we can provide you. In his free time, he plays soccer, enjoys hiking, and spending quality time with his family and pets.

Teresa McCallister

Randomness Manager

Teresa Mcallister joined the Handy Bindery team in December 2019.  She is our “Randomness Manager”/Project Manager.  In addition to managing specific clients, she assists with training new employees, shipping and receiving, inventory, forklift operation, quality control and whatever else is needed.  Teresa enjoys traveling, music and spending time with her family.

The Crew


We love working here. Seriously.

"I joined Handy Bindery in early 2020, transitioning from a medical background to a completely different realm. Working here has been a refreshing experience, with a constant stream of new and engaging projects. The camaraderie among the staff is truly special, and I appreciate how we collaborate seamlessly in every situation to ensure tasks are completed with precision – and have fun doing it. The Bindery exudes a vibrant atmosphere filled with love, joy, and just the right touch of sass."

Jesse Habarth

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