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At Handy Bindery, we provide a wide range of finishing and bindery services that are designed to produce a final, high-quality product. With our knowledge of the printing industry and wealth of experience, you will be proud of your finished product.


Tag Striging
Paper Binding
Shrink Wrappng
Poly Bagging
Pad Printing

Enhance the functionality of your presentation folders or portfolios with Velcro! Velcro tabs offer a convenient and efficient closure solution.  At Handy Bindery we tape, assemble and Velcro thousands of folders each year. In addition to Velcro, we offer alternative closure options such as dual locks, magnets, as well as button and string.


Tag stringing is a cost-effective way to attach your tags.  Whether it is a doorhanger, hanging over a bottle neck or over a piece of equipment, we do it all!  For mechanical stringing we offer both elastic and cotton stringing.  We also can hand string with ribbon, wire, twine and a variety of other materials to get you the finished product you need.  For reinforcement of your tags, we also offer eyelet and patching services.


We've got the hands; we've got the space. No job is too big or small! We will pack and protect your package and get them to their final destination.  


Folding is a crucial part of professional printing and finishing services. 

When it comes to putting your project all together, we’ve got the right equipment and technical know-how to get the job done. With our folding and gluing capabilities, we can assemble your finished project, including pocket folders, custom packaging and specialty pieces.


Label applicating is one of our specialties from barcoding retail tags, to wrapped labels on your products, we have done it all.  Or maybe you have multiple packages that need to be mailed out to your clients? We can help with all of that!  


Collating is the process of gathering up individual sheets of printed material or items and assembling them into a final product.  We have experience collating large quantities of items and paper for your kitting jobs, mailing jobs, or whatever your needs may be.  We have you covered! 


Custom binding services offered to make sure your marketing printed materials look professional.


Your printed materials or other materials are covered in a clear protective film and then sent through heat to wrap nicely around them, so counting, inventorying and distribution of your materials is much easier. 


Polyethylene bags are used to protect materials during shipment from moisture, dirt, and dust. It is the safest way to get your product to an end user without damage. From magazines and catalogs to brochures and product literature, and many non-printed items, we can easily handle all of your poly bagging needs. 


Pad printing is the process of printing a two-dimensional image on a three-dimensional object with the use of a silicone pad. Since silicone can easily adapt to irregularly shaped surfaces, pad printing can be done on almost any kind of object. Silicone pads take the shape of the parts and can hence transfer the images on the desired surfaces. Pad printing is a great way to custom print on medical devices, cannabis containers/vape pens, and promotional products or swag.  At Handy Bindery we offer one- or two-color pad printing.  It is a unique way to get your image on your product.   

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